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About HENA

We believe in a fairer world and so should you.

HENA Business Introduction

HENA is designed for all smartphone users around the world. Based on hybrid mining technology, we offer an advertising platform that benefits every advertisers, media, and users.

  • Implement a fair advertising system for advertisers, publishers (developer) and users with blockchain based intelligent advertising solution

  • Users get HENA coins as a reward just for watching ads on a smartphone

  • Hybrid consensus enables direct mobile mining from smartphones

  • Supporting diverse ecosystems for real life economics

HENA AIC Ad protocol

HENA supports advertisers, developers, and content providers to leverage the AIC platform.
AIC provides mobile ad, fair marketplace in content market.

  • Blockchain verified Ad

    HENA AIC Advertising Module is an intelligent advertising solution based on blockchain, a very powerful and secure advertising platform. All of the ads run on HENA are first tested on the HENA AIC system, filtering vulgar ads in advance, and distributing only highly reliable and high-quality ads.

  • Grant user choice

    Users pre-select the categories of ads they are interested in, and they will block unwanted ads in advance. By pre-selecting whether to watch ads and interested advertisements, it is free from waste of time and data usage due to unnecessary advertising.

  • Coin reward

    Anyone with a mobile device can join the AIC and get coins. Just use your mobile phone as usual, and get a coin just like playing the game.

  • Fraud detection

    HENA implemented a very strict anti-fraud system based on blockchain. Demonstrated with decentralized blockchain technology, fully transparent reporting is possible.

  • Advertisement BigData

    The transparency and decentralized advertising data provided by blockchain technology can not be arbitrarily modified. Therefore, we can provide attractive Bigdata to advertisers.

HENA AIC solution for everyone!

HENA's proposed ad model provides a new solution for digital content and advertising with more fair compensation, more accurate ad reports, more accurate target marketing, and new solutions for higher returns.

User’s choice

Spamming ads that wastes the user's data capacity and exposure of indiscriminate personal information are increasing the anxiety of users.

Users want to have the right to selectively provide only the ads they want and the personal information they want to provide.
Publisher profit creation

The mobile ad ecosystem has grown into a highly malformed structure with an excessively high brokerage fee than the proportion of users and publishers. Publisher needs more advertising revenue.
Advertising Efficiency

Today, digital advertising price is keep raising, but advertising effectiveness is getting lower because of various kinds of fake information and inaccurate advertisement effect report.
Advertisers are looking for new forms of advertising that deliver efficiencies with accurate reporting and accurate targeting.
Grant user choice  

HENA allows Users to have the right to select the ads they want to watch and the level of personal information they want to provide.

Fair rewards for Publisher

HENA helps advertisers, users, and Publishers generate more revenue by providing fair advertising revenue. Publishers can distribute high-yielding ads, build Bigdata based on data accumulated in a block chain, and generate transparent statistical reports based on this distribution.

Improve the efficiency of ads 

Advertisers can precisely analyze and allocate budgets for advertising effectiveness by specifying the scope of aggregating customer information. The HENA advertising solution is validated with blockchain technology, so you are free from attacks such as fake clicks, fake sites, and bots, and you can accumulate advertising Bigdata with the transparency and reliability provided by block-chain technology.

HENA mobile mining

HENA's unique hybrid mobile mining method
One touch to start HENA coin mining!

HENA Hybrid Mobile Mining

Anyone in the world can start mining a HENA coin if they have a smartphone. Download the HENA application and participate in mobile mining by simply touching the "Start mining" button.

  • Enhanced security with dual authentication system of POW and POS

  • For ease of use, users can simply touch a button to engage in mining

  • Smartphone overload protection by using less than 5% of smartphone resources

  • Prevention of use of ASIC equipment by allowing limited participation per smartphone

  • Provide fair mining opportunities to any mining participant

HENA hybrid mining

Experience true hybrid mining with HENA's own algorithms!
- Algorithm specially developed for mobile device

HENA algorithm


The Block Thumbnail Mining Algorithm (BTMA) changes the information to be mined into a thumbnail format and sends it to each mobile device. BTMA allows you to optimize your mobile device's transmission and mining systems by minimizing the amount of data used by mobile devices.


The hashing power limiting system (HPLS) of HENA mining pool limits the work that can be assigned to each mobile device to 5% of the rated maximum performance. This approach is designed to overcome excessive CPU occupancy, heat generation, and battery drain on mobile devices.

Mobile Mining Solution

Analyzes the disadvantages of mobile mining that has been attempted, and realizes mobile mining with HENA's unique solution

HENA EcoSystem

HENA's Ecosystem is an easy-to-use mobile based blockchain. 
HENA will build an ecosystem to be practically used in real economy.


HENA Mobile App


With a simple touch

HENA believes that smartphone users have the right to use blockchain with ease.
Start mining and coin acquisition with just one touch within the HENA ecosystem!
You can get a correspond price for the time and effort invested watching advertisement. It's much easier than watching videos or playing games on your smartphone. Just one touch is enough.
Business can grow by getting the feedback they want within the HENA platform and communicating with their customers.

get notified

The optimal blockchain advertising platform

Advertising is useless! Advertising is annoying!
HENA wants to change social convention.
- Choose a business you like and give direct feedback to advertisers
- Set the level of personal information you would like to provide
- Targeted advertising spend and personal information
- Coin acquisition
- Advertisers can communicate with their customers and create a business that helps everyone.


Scalable infrastructure for mobile device mining

Mobile mining, which has been attempted many times but never successfully launched - we have a clear solution.
HENA integrates hybrid mobile mining platforms, ecosystems and applications to give users a variety of coin acquisition opportunities. For a more technical description, check our Yellow Paper.

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